Introduction: Fire Extinguisher Super-soaker! (can Be Modded to Make Flamethrower)

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I am liable for nothing you do with this. by reading this instructable, you accept that I am not responsable for your anything this prompts you to, etc.

this is how to refill a basic cheap-o disposable fire extinguisher, and turn it into a super-soaker/flamethrower.

you will need:

-Plastic-head disposable fire extinguisher
-compresser w/ special nozzle (pic will be shown later)
-electrical tape and something to cut it with
-someone to soak with this after your done building it!
-garden hose to clean it out with...sink will do
-trash can to dump old excess powder in

I am liable for nothing you do with this. by reading this instructable, you accept that I am not responsable for your anything this prompts you to, etc.

Step 1: Clean It Out

spray any remaining powder in the extinguisher into a garbage can (watch your eyes - and nose....this stuff isnt good to breath).
take the garden hose and rinse it out, including the pipe and nozzle.....thise can be done be holding the lever down and spraying the hose into it.

it should look something like the picture below

Step 2: Fix the Nozzle Up

the nozzle should have a white tip. cut half of this off.

there will be a small gap between the white tip and the main black part. cover the entire white tip, and as much as possible of the black part up with the electrical tape.

now your done with the nozzle. proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Pressurize 1/2

fill the tank about 2/3 of the way with water. screw the nozzle on decently tigt but not too hard.

set the compesser up and pressurize it to 105 psi and NO MORE.

hook up the nozzle. make sure you have turned the valve (see pic) all the way off so the air wont leak out while your charging the compresser.

Step 4: Pressurize 2/2

put the compresser nozzle into the fire extinguisher nozzle as shown, and hold it very firmly with your hand, push the lever on the extinguisher down with your forearm andturn the valve on the compresser on. when the guage on the extinguisher tank stops moving, you know its not gonig to get any fuller. remove your forearm from the lever, then turn the valve on the compresser off.

you are now ready to fire!

CAUTION: do NOT make a flamethrower using this how it is. a small amount of liquid squirts out the side of the extinguisher nozzle and could cause a huge problem if it caught on fire.
and by all means do NOT NOT NOT I beg of you do not use diesel. there is a 100% chance that it will blow up while you are pressurizing it. deseil ignites under pressure, not flame, so if you put 100 psi on it, get a huge fireball.

Step 5: FLAMETHROWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok heres what you do.
theres a little pin one one side of the nozzle (see pic). take this pin out, and theres a little hole where the bottom leg was. fill this hole with superglue, then stick a little piece of something in there. let dry for 15 min. repeat (except for piece of something), and....repeat again.....and once more. you should have a nice thick layer of superglue now.

Step 6: Gas It Up

fill with gasoline and pressurize


DO not use diesel. diesel explodes under pressure, and well, your putting about 100 psi on it.........


now, hold the extinguisher in your right hand, and the torch in your left. hold the torch about 7 in. from the nozzle on the extinguisher, and let er' rip.

I'll be posting videos soon (maybe)