Introduction: Fire Pit

Hey guys, it's Marzuk2. You can see that the winter is near. And for the winter you can build something exciting like a fire pit. In this Instructable of mine I am going to show you how to build a fire pit. So let's Begin........

Step 1: Things Needed

For making this Instructable, the things you will need are,

1. A big back yard

2. Wood

3. Wood cutting tools

4. Concrete

5. Lava rocks

6. Fire bricks

Step 2: Preparing the Frame

First of all you will have to make a structure of the fire pit. In my case it's square. But you can also make it of different other shapes like round, triangle etc. I thought that square is the most easiest and beautiful shape. So, to make a square fire pit you will have to make two squares by wood. One big and another small. Now put the small square in between the larger square. It should be just in the middle of the larger square. Now Stick the two squares with two wooden bars.

Step 3: Placeing the Pit in Your Background

Choose a place in your background and place the frame of your pit over there. Mark the four sides of the frame. Then dig a hole in the ground by the marking of the frame. The hole should be about 8 inches deep. Make the hole as plain as possible. Then put some gravel to fill up 3.5 inches of the pit. Also level it as much as possible. Now put the frame of your pit inside the hole.

Step 4: Concreting

Now mix some concrete with water. In my case the concrete is Quikrete 5000. But you can use any concrete. Pour some concrete in the sides.But don't fill up the frame. Fill about 3 inches and place the Fire bricks in the frame covering the inner side of the frame. Leave it for at least 20 hrs to dry. Now fill the frame with concrete. Use a nice plain piece of wood to make the top of the concrete as plain as possible. Now let it dry for 30 minutes and then use a float to level off the surface of the concrete. Again let it dry for 1 hour and then use a trial to finish the flattening. Then cover the concrete with anything hard and water resistant. Don't let it dry too much. Because you will have to remove the frame or it will get stuck. So, let it dry for 48 hrs and then remove the frame. Let the concrete dry for more 72 hrs and then wash it. Put 2 buckets of lava rocks inside the fire pit. Concrete can retain moisture. So the work of the lava rocks and the fire bricks is to protect the concrete from the fire.

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