Fire Shooting Gallery



Introduction: Fire Shooting Gallery

A bit of fashpaper, a nice little fire box and of course something to aim at are the perfect ingredients to have some fun!

We decided to work with a shooting gallery, inspired by the fair, for our school assignment but spice it a little up by adding a fiery touch.

Step 1: Materials

- 1 copper tube
- sheet aluminium (0.8mm) 200 x 500 for lining
- sheetmetal with grid texture
- Multiplex sheet (12 mm) ... x ....
- drill
- pressure release
- linker
- screws
- woodpaint (for outside) (optionally a fire/heatresistant paint)
- Gas cylinder
- two-component glue
- Tap for between the tube and the hose to the gas cylinder
- acces to a tablesaw or/and bandsaw

Step 2: Making the Container

I have included some drawings for the box and metal parts you can look at the exploded view as reference

1. Cut out all the parts: this can be done with a tablesaw, a bandsaw and a drill (the sides part must be one acording to the drawing and another one must be its mirror image !

- draw the pieces out on the wood in pencil, then cut the contours after which you can start making the holes and slots .

- cut out the steel pieces

2.Start by assembling the sides front to the base ( this can be screwed together)

3.put in the middle section

3. Give the back panel a paintjob with figures to aim at

4. cut out pices of aluminium so that they can fit the inside of the container

5. attach the aluminium pices with the glue and clamp

6. screw the rear panel in place after paining (don't forget the aluminium there)

Step 3: Making of the Duct

- Drill holes max size 1 mm over the entire length, keep around 10 mm distance between the holes.
To make drilling easier and to keep the holes on a straight line you can use papertape. Use a spike and hammer to make a little notch to guide your drill.
Don't worry if you got some wrong, you can cover these with tape.

follow the pattern given on the drawing that is included

Step 4: Connecting to Gas Cylinder

IMPORTANT: connect the copper tube only after it has been put inside of the container! (once the connections have been put in place you won't be able to get it out or in again without needing bigger holes.)

This is a very important step because you are still working with gas and you should be very cautious and double check all parts before using them. Evading is better than healing, like we say in Flanders.
We tried to evade any case of spontanious combustion in our design ( we had a fireman helping us to set this up just to be sure), but still be careful.


- Tighten the stopper like in picture 1 to a chosen side of the cupper tube
- Tighten the linker and the tap to the other side
- make sure you tighten the bolt that connects the taphead of the gas cylinder and the hose that conducts the gas so there are no gas leaks (see picture 4)

- Place the tube in the box, through the holes
- Place the gridsheet
- Push the head onto the opening of the gas cylinder. Make sure gas and tap are closed.

Tips from the fireman:
- Never close the gas before the tap in the middle, always the tap first and then the tap from the gas
- If you have too many holes you can just close it with ductape

Step 5: Lighting the Fire

- Open the gas tap
- Gently open the between crane , try to let as little gas as possible go through. You don't want to set yourself on fire
- Light a match, and if possible, try to light it at a distance with pliers or something. If not, do not hold your head above the tube and keep your hand with the match as close to the side as possible.

- Adjust your flame by letting more or less gas go through

Step 6: Make Something to Shoot With

We made this simple catapult but don't let it limit your creativity, there are lots of ways to shoot things!

this is a cool instructable on making a catapult

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