Introduction: Fire Starter Gift

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This fire starter basket is probably the best gift to give during the winter months for those of us on a budget. They cost pretty much nothing to make, but does take some patience to gather all the materials. The only purchase to make is a box of matches and some string. I gave these out for neighbor gifts and also host/hostess gifts. I was really surprised how much they enjoyed them. A lot of work that goes up in flames in the end.

Supplies :

  • nature's treasures (sticks, pinecones and whatever else you find)
  • natural string (cotton, hemp, etc....)
  • toilet paper roll tubes
  • dryer lint
  • newspaper
  • dried orange peels
  • wax or tealights
  • wood shavings
  • box or basket
  • sewing machine
  • silicone molds
  • pliers
  • box of matches
  • baking paper
  • baking tray

Step 1: Stick Bundles

I find this a little ridiculous to write out. It is pretty self explanatory. Break down your sticks to the right size, bundle them and tie with your string.

Step 2: Tp Lint Rolls

Stuff your toilet paper tubes with the dryer lint. Roll up into the newspaper, twist the ends and tie both with the string.

Step 3: Stuffed Star...

Now surely you know that you can make whatever shape you like. Trace that shape onto 4 layers of newspaper. Sew up all edges of the shape making sure to leave one side open. Cut out the star shape leaving a bit of a border. Now stuff with your dried orange peels. Speaking of.... I dry my orange peel by throwing them on top of the fireplace. They can be dried in the oven just as easy. Once the form is filled, you may finish sewing up the rest of the shape.

Step 4: Pretty Little Things....

Gather all of your pretty treasures and clip them down to size. Now prepare a pan with some baking paper and set out your silicone molds. Fill the molds halfway with something flammable. I used wood shavings, but really anything would work.

Step 5: Ready Your Wax

Usually I would use up all the old candles in the house by melting them down and pouring them into the molds. I'm fresh out of old candles and resorted to using new tea lights. You must take the tea lights from their foil cups and place on top of the wood shavings. Using your pliers, remove the metal piece from the bottom that holds the wick. Then, remove the wick by squeezing the small metal piece. Place the wick in the silicone molds with the candles. Now melt them down in a warm oven.

Step 6: Decorate

Once the wax has been melted down into all the wood shavings, you will need to re-position the wick so that it will light easy. The best place is on the edge of the mold. Now you may start to add all the little pine cones and berries to your heart's desire. Do this pretty fast as the wax will start to cool down and solidify. Don't over think it! Shove them in as fast as possible. Once the wax is dried, you may remove them from the molds. Ta-dah!

Step 7: Fill You Basket (or Box)

Fill the box with newspaper. Add everything you made to the box; the sticks, tp rolls, stars, and finally the little candles. Make sure the candles don't end up at the bottom of the box by making a paper pedestal for them to sit on. I added a few extra things in the end. Bunches of bark, some greenery and pine cones. Last but not least, the matches. Now... burn it!

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