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Introduction: Fire Starters

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I've been making these fire starters for a while and they work great so I thought I should share them.

Step 1: What You Need

1.Parowax household wax
4.Metal pot
5.Heat source
6.Pliers or Clothespin

1. Twist Tie

Step 2: Forming Your Fire Starter

Cut off a length of twine, any size within reason will work. Then you form it in a circle and, if you have it, wrap the edge with a piece of twist tie. It doesn't need to be a full sized one you could just cut a half inch off. If you don't have a twist tie then hold the edge with your pliers or clothespin.

Step 3: Heat Source

You can use just about anything as a heat source, I used my little wax cardboard stove but you can use anything you have handy.

Step 4: Boiling and Waxing

Get a chunk of Parowax and place in the pot, put it over heat source and wait for it to melt into a liquid. Then if you had a twist tie and used it you can drop it in wait 5sec the n get it out with pliers, if you didn't have the twist tie just dip repeatedly while holding it with pliers.

P.S when cutting off a chunk of wax be careful. I accidentally put a hole in my hand to get a chunk.

Step 5: Finishing

Put in freezer to speed up the cooling process of the wax then wait till it has hardened and just burn a small part of a edge if you dropped it in so it is easier to start when you need it, but don't let the entire thing burn or you waste it. And you are done.If you want you can put them in Altoids tin or just bring them camping in a pocket they burn for a long time and if it doesn't get your fire started nothing will. Enjoy

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    Bryce B
    Bryce B

    8 years ago

    Thanks cacj131


    8 years ago

    Awesome job man :)

    Bryce B
    Bryce B

    8 years ago

    Parowax can be found at Most grocery stores

    Bryce B
    Bryce B

    8 years ago

    Hello I would like to hear from anyone with an input or idea or even a problem you experienced and maybe I can help