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Introduction: Fire Truck With Slide

I made this Fire Rescue Truck for my 2 fireman mad young sons out of an old baby cot,a wardrobe and 2 double headboards. The steering wheel is from an old outdoor toy that was being thrown away. The buttons in the cab were made from old milk carton tops, plus an indoor light switch, plus a real car window winder for added effect. The blue lights are blue painted jam jars. i also added an old slide to the rear and a rope for climbing up. And an old pair of bunk bed ladders on the roof. It only cost me for the paint,graphics and a 3 tone siren.. i made this for less than £40. and had bags of fun building it over 2 weeks.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I am sure your boys will have hours of fun with it. We have two grandsons that would probably not go in the house if this was outside! Good job!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Headlights were made from two old Ever-Ready torches. And Ali side cases from an old drill box.