Introduction: Fire Kite

I will show you how to make a extremely dangerous fire kite.

My friend told me about this from another friend so I dont know how this originated. Anyway basically when you set the kite on fire it heats air trapped in pocket, and then rises like a hot air balloon and eventually incinerating its self about 30-40 feet in the air!!!

Honestly I have only been allowing the kites to get 10 feet into the air after that Ive been shooting them down with a fire extinguisher; a ball of fire rising above the tree line late at night might piss off the neighbors

Bellow is a video of a fire kite it is not my firekite I didnt make it film it or post it on youtube I take no credit in making this video, I will post my own after I have a chance to film it

i can not post a video of my own because my area has had 2/5th the amount of rain it normally receives thierfor i do not intend to set a of a device that will fly up into the air dropping ashes as it goes

Step 1: Get Materials

All you need for this is a hole sheet of newspaper, a stapler, and fire.

Step 2: Fold It Up

Look at the pictures, this is really quick and easy.
Fold 1and 2 together and staple

Step 3: Keep Folding

Ok you should get the idea by now just fold the last 2 corners to the center

Step 4: Fly the Kite

To fly the kite flip it over so the side with staples is facing down then, just light all 4 corners at exactly the same time and within a few seconds you will have a large fire ball quickly rising into the air.

This leaves a trail of hot embers so only do this after heavy rain.
Im not responsible for any damage deaths or any thing bad caused by using this is really really really dangerous only use when nothing burnable is within a 100yard radius do not use in high wind

I am sorry for not having any pictures in flight but it has not rained here for a week and as I said this is dangerous the first few flight honestly I didnt think it would fly at all so I didnt really think about how dry the grass was

Some stuff to think about, I think the best time of year for this would be the winter after heavy snowstorm, less of a risk of fire and remember that this works because the air inside the balloon is lighter than the air around it so I think it would go really really high in the winter ; D