Introduction: Fire Starter

These can be used for starting fires in wood stoves, fireplaces, or camp fires. It is a good way to reuse junk mail and helps reduce the burden on landfills.

You'll need to gather your supplies

Junk mail

Toilet paper core tube

Melted wax. I use the wax from a wax melter after the wax has lost its scent. The wax should be in a jar a little over half as long as your junk mail bundle

Step 1: First Step: Rolling

Roll the junk mail tight. Try to use enough mail that when tightly rolled it will just fit inside the tube

Step 2: Second Step: Sleeving

Push the junk mail roll into the toilet paper tube

Step 3: Third Step: Dipping

Dip the bundle into the melted wax. You need a taller jar so it will come halfway up the bundle

Step 4: Fourth Step: Dipping the Other End

Rotate and dip the other end

Step 5: Fifth Step: Finish

Set the waxed bundles to dry. These can be used singly or together to start fires

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