Introduction: Fire Tin

Everything needed to get a simple fire started.

Hello welcome to my first instructable, having looked at a lot of the survival tins and camping hacks on the site I realized that having a supply of dry easy to light wood/fuel seems like a very practical idea. what did seem impractical was to carry large amounts but a small amount enough to get a fire started would be ideal.

There are alot of pages on the site on how to start a fire so I have not included it in this guide.

Thank you and enjoy.

Step 1: Gather Materials

A tin large enough to hold the needed items.

wood and wood shavings, I used pet bedding but any wood shavings or other combustible materials will do. On a side note of that check that your choice of fuel will not give off harmful fumes that could harm you or your surroundings.

a small fire starting tablet or two(just encase its needed).

a fire strike or lighter if you are unable to use a strike. and a cotton pad or two to catch the spark from the strike. (sorry forgot to put the pads into the image.)

Step 2: Filling the Tin

Add the large bits of wood first cutting down larger bits so they fit into the tin. This allows you to add the shavings which will fit within the gaps which is the second step. Add the fire tablets, strike/striker and cotton pads.

I use a saw blade with some cord wrapped around it as the strike as it is easy to achieve a spark with then using the striker that the fire steel came with.

Step 3: Finished and How to Use

Once complete put the lid onto the tin. I am able to fit this tin into my coat pocket (yes it has large pockets). but some may find it easier to put into a backpack.

To use the tin first gather the larger fuel from your surrounding as the tin is only the foundation of the fire. once the larger fuel is gathered lay half of the shavings into the middle of the fire pit then lay the cotton pads on top use the striker/lighter to ignite the pads then add some more shavings. slowly add the larger wood from the tin once this is burning add the fuels you have gathered to increase the size of the flame.

I have used this a few times now without the need of gathering as I was only using it as a way to keep warm got about 15 minutes of flame just from the tin. It may even be possible to increase the time by adjusting the fuels and using different materials. If you can think of anyway of doing just that leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

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