Introduction: Fire With Flour!

I do not claim responsibility if someone is harmed because of this instructable. Be safe, and be smart.

I know you are probably thinking "What? Flour isn't flammable!", but it is. I am not a scientist, but what I do know is that flour is flammable when suspended in the air i.e. when you throw a handful of flour at a fire. It is relatively safe as far as I know, and it's pretty fun.

Step 1: Materials

There are very few things you need for this, they are:

-Flour (I used self-raising, I haven't tried with others so I recommend it)
- Flame source (campfire, fire starter, etc.)

Step 2: Light Your Flame!

Start up your campfire, or in my case a lonely fire starter block, but there were still impressive results.

Step 3: Add in the Flour...

Simply grab a handful of flour and throw it at the fire. Throw it fast and get out of there though, you don't want to catch your hand on fire!

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