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Introduction: Fire With a Magnifying Glass

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A very simple fire making skill, involving the sun and a magnifying glass. The rays from the sun when concentrated into a small circle using a magnifying glass, can burn your fire bundle very easily.

Step 1: Materials

Magnifying glass

Fire bundle

Step 2: Process

First you need to focus the magnifying glass, trying to make the circle of light as small as possible as this will create the most heat. It will start smoking, don't stop wait till you have a few red embers on your fire bundle then blow on it, because fire need oxygen to grow. Once you get a fire add bigger wood to crate a bugger fire.

And that's all it takes good luck with your new skill if you are surviving in the wilderness of simply just ran out of matches.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    but i dont think most people will take a mignifying glass with them