Introduction: Firefighters Bottle Opener

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I built this for a friends fifth year anniversary present. The finished product turned out amazing, they were both extremely happy with it. This instructable can be completed using very basic hand tools and a healthy amount of patience! This is a great present for a firefighter or beer drinker and makes a great conversation piece! This is also the smoothest and coolest bottle opener I have ever made (I have made about 8 various openers) Also please favorite and vote for this 'Ible! Thank you guys!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1/4" Mild steel or stainless steel
Your favorite hardwood, I used teak
1/8" brass rod
1/8" brass tubing
Red enamel paint and primer
Lanyard materials

Sand paper
Misc files
Any other advanced tools welcome!

Planning and cutting:
For the first step, trace out the basic shape of your axe, drill the perimeter and cut away with your best metal cutting tool. I used a hack saw for this step.

Step 2: Forge and Shape

Using a propane or mapp torch heat the axe head and shape with a ball peen hammer. Repeat the heating as necessary. Once you have the desired shape of the cutting edge, use course & fine files to tune the shape to perfection. Using a sharpie trace out where you want the holes, wood and bottle opener to fit. You also want to tune the bottle opener portion, use a file to get the opener edge perfect. (May take 2-3 beers, use on entire 6 pack for good measure. Wink wink) pardon my sloppy hand writing!

Step 3: Add the Wood and Brass

Cut two identical 1/8" wood scales for the sides. Drill the holes in the steel and then the wood. Cut your pieces of brass and then epoxy the wood, brass and steel together.
File or cut the brass flush to the wood, then use a fine file and sand paper to shape the wood round and smooth.

Step 4: PAINT!

Use masking tape to cover the parts you don't want painted. Start with the primer, then lightly sand and prime again. After dry, add three or four light coats of enamel, lightly sanding in between, once dry. (Word of caution, enamel may take 12-24 hours to dry) then add a layer or two of clear coat if desired.

Step 5: Sand and Finish

Remove the masking tape then sand and file any over spray. I also sanded the axe cutting edges to give that authentic look! After finish sanding the wood, add your choice of wood finish. I chose to stain and wax mine, I love the way it brings out the wood grain. If using mild steel add some bees wax to protect the metal from rust.

Step 6: Finish and Admire

After your opener dries add any lanyards or finishing details. Your project is complete, grab a 6, 12 or 24 pack and do some quality assurance testing. You will get begged to build one by all of your friends, after showing this off, so you might want to make extras!
The first 3 people to build this and post picture will receive a free 1 year membership! Also please favorite and vote for me! Thank you guys!

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