Introduction: Firefly Jar!

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Its cheap and easy!

Make your weekend useful by decorating your garden with as many jars of fire flies hanging from the trees! It takes less than 10 mins to make one of these. So try it out!

Step 1: What You Need!

  • Any colour festival led lights will do! (its all right if some leds don't work)
  • A large plastic jar (mine is a bit small but don't use glass!)
  • A drilling machine or a screwdriver
  • Electrical tape
  • Scissors
  • Strong string
  • Hot glue or epoxy or you could try using some other glue if you know it will work.
  • And a little skills! :)

Step 2: Making a Hole for the Power Wire!

For this step I first marked the center and then used a drilling machine to drill a hole. For those who don't have a drilling machine you could heat the screwdriver and melt the plastic to form a hole!

Note: In this step I haven't made holes on the walls of the jar, but I suggest you to make a few holes that act like vents to the lights and cool them down.

Step 3: Cuting the Power Wire

Cut the power wire. Don't cut the wire too close to the bulb or the plug.

Step 4: Filling Up the Jar With Fireflies!

  • Pass the cut end of the wire through the holes made in the lid. Then randomly start filling the jar with the bulbs!
  • Tie the string to the nut with a couple of knots. Pass the other end of the string through the same hole. Now close the lid, make sure that you don't squeeze any wires between the lid and the jar.
  • Pull the wire and thread. Take your Hot glue or Epoxy glue or any glue you think which will work to seal the gap. And not let the fireflies escape! :D (It is for not letting insects or water collecting in your jar).
  • Now only the connections are left to be completed!! Yay!!

Step 5: The Connections!


  • Take the two ends of the wire from the jar and remove the outer rubber insulator to expose the copper wire. do the same procedure for the plug side.
  • connect the one wire from the plug side to the bulb side. repeat it with the other wire. DON-NOT LET THE TWO WIRES TOUCH EACH OTHER!
  • Use tape to insulate the two wires.



Make as may of these jars, tie them to a tree's branch and watch them glow! Feel free to ask any question, would love to answer them ASAP

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Thank you! :)

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