Introduction: Firefly Painting

This is an easy and fun painting to pass time if you love art as much as I do.


Any size canvas

Black acrylic paint

Blue acrylic paint

Purple acrylic paint

White acrylic paint

Yellow acrylic paint

Green acrylic paint

5/8 soft brush

Round brush

Mason jar template (optional)


Coarse brush(optional)

Step 1: Your Color Placement

Put about a quarter sized amount of black paint about two inches away from the top of the canvas
Put about a penny sized amount of the blue paint about 2 inches away from the black paint.
Put another penny sized amount of the purple paint right next to the blue paint.
Put a about a dollar coin sized amount of white paint 2 inches underneath the blue and purple paint. ( I made a mistake with the blue paint but it will turn out fine)

Step 2: Blending

Starting from the black paint take your wide 5/8 brush and blend with the other colors covering the canvas until it looks like an ombre of black to light blue/white reaching the bottom of the canvas (You may need to add more paint depending on the size of your canvas). Once this is done clean your brush and leave the painting to dry for about 15 minutes.

Step 3: Grass

Once the background is dry put a pea sized amount of green paint half an inch away from the bottom of the canvas. Use a foam brush to spread the paint to the navy blue area. Use a wide coarse brush and stroke upwards from the side facing the top of the canvas to create the grass lines. If you do not have a coarse brush you can use the same brush from the background. Let the grass portion dry for about 10 minutes.

Step 4: Mason Jar & Fireflies

Once the grass is dry you can either use a mason jar template to trace or you can draw your own jar in white paint. Do not paint the inside of the jar. Only do the outside. You can use chalk to outline it before you paint the outside. Then use whatever shade of yellow you want and paint circles with your round brush in the jar and anywhere in the background. Mix a tiny bit of the white paint with a bit of water then paint the inside of the mason jar lightly. So you can still see the background and the "fire flies". Once this is finished let it dry and you have a painting that took some time but it was worth it.