Introduction: Firefly Pro - Fully 3d Printed Racing Drone

This is the all new Firefly Pro.Its a 250 size quad thats designed for the race track.

In this intractable you will find all necessary information to build the frame of the Firefly Pro.

You can find all STL files you'll need for this build on thingiverse:

Have fun building and flying the Firefly Pro.

Step 1: Hardware

To build the Firefly Pro you are going to need a few bits and bobs. Take some time to get everything shown on the picture below so you can build without a hassle.

Some of the screws aren't necessary in the exact length shown. Most of them can be a bit longer or even a little bit shorter. Its just a guideline so you know where to start.

Step 2: Main Frame

For the main frame you will need to print the parts shown on the picture.

Print the main frame with 28% infill. The sides and bumper are best printed with 50% infill.

However the bumper will be heavily penetrated in a crash so you better print a few spares.

Step 3: Getting Started

Take the bumper and start screwing in 4 M3x10MM screws. Next take the two M2x12MM screws and screw them in the two holes at the end. Take the lower plate and fasten it to the bumper.

Add two more M2x10MM screws into the holes for the sides. Now holding the side against the lower plate fasten all four M2 screws.

Step 4: Adding the Arms

Now to add arms to the Firefly Pro we need a few more printed parts.

Get everything ready thats shown on the picture.

Step 5:

Start by screwing in all four ESC mounts to the lower plates. Take four more M3x10MM and four M3x8MM screws.

Make sure you orient the ESC mount so the closed sides of the cable outlet is to the front and back to protect the cables.

Step 6: Capping It

Now fasten all four arms with four M3x10MM screws to the top plate and position it on top of the frame. Align the arms and start screwing in the top plate with the arms into the ESC mounts.

Finally fasten all the remaining screws and add the M3x22MM Stand offs with the four M3x6MM screws.

Step 7:

Add the camera plate by inserting the dampeners into the plate. This can be quiet fiddly.

A good way to insert them is to get something like nylon string, put it through the hole and around the dampener. Then gently pull the dampener trough while wiggeling a bit.

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