Introduction: Fireplace/Slate Paint Update

We wanted to give our fireplace an update and painted the brick on the inside and out as well as the slate on the floor in front of the fireplace.

The first step was to remove the fireplace screen.

Next we used baking soda (1/2 cup) and dish soap (3 tablespoons) mix to clean the fireplace brick with a scrub brush to remove ash and soot. Make sure to wear gloves, eye protection and probably long sleeves when doing this step because the ash/soot can fall into your eyes.

After cleaning we were ready to primer. We used Kilz original primer and primed both the inside/outside brick and slate. When working on this step it is best to be able to ventilate the house because the primer is strong smelling.

For the inside brick we used rust-oleum specialty high heat black paint.

For the outside brick and mortar we used a behr premium porch, patio and floor paint tinted to our color selection. We taped off the edges with blue painters tape #2093.

We used different paint brushes for each application so you may need two or three extra paint brushes.


Fireplace cleaner we used baking soda and dish soap. You could probably purchase a cleaner but we thought this method was very effective.

2 to 3 Paint Brushes.

Painters tape (we used #2093 it is a little wider and we like working with it).

We used a drop cloth to protect the floor outside of the fireplace.

Kilz Original Primer-White

Rust-Oleum High Heat Black Paint

Behr Premium Patio, Porch and Floor tinted to desired color.

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