Fireside Pizza




Introduction: Fireside Pizza

mixing two of America's favorite things;the fireside,and pizza :).

Step 1: Get Materials

  • tube pizza
  • cooking spay
  • pizza sauce
  • cheese,pepperonis...etc,toppings .
  • fire
  • spoon
  • foil
  • grate (optional)(not needed if you have a grill) ;)

Step 2: Roll It Out,start Fire

roll out pizza dough.start fire(don't put grate on)(and if grill don't start)

Step 3: Top

spread pizza sauce on dough, top.(heat grill to:350)

Step 4: Cook

put/rap foil on/around grate and put on fire until cheese is melted

Step 5: Finish

get the pizza off grill/grate.ENJOY!!!:)

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