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Introduction: Firewood Rack

This instructable shows you how to build a Firewood Rack from aluminum mouldings. The build time for this project is about 3 hours and material cost is roughly $45.

Step 1: Planning

I started with drawing out my vision. I wanted a rack that was unobtrusive yet sturdy, and one that complemented my backyard. The aluminum comes in 8 foot lengths, so I designed it with that in mind to minimize material costs.

Material List:

(1) x 8 ft length of aluminum U-channel

(2) x 8 ft length of aluminum L-bracket

(1) small package of 1/2" self-tapping metal screws

(1) can of matte black spray paint (I had some bbq paint lying around already)

Tool List:

- Driver w/ #1 robertson (square) bit

- Angle grinder

- Measuring tape

- Level (optional)

- Vise(optional)

Step 2: Preparation

Cut all your pieces prior to assembly. I find the build goes faster when you have everything prepared before hand.

Starting with the U-channel, use your angle grinder (or chop saw with metal cutting blade) to cut it in half, leaving you with two (2) 4 ft lengths.

Then cut one of the L-brackets into four (4) 2 ft sections. These will be the vertical uprights.

Cut the other L-bracket into four (4) 1 ft pieces, four (4) 6" brackets, and two (2) 2" support feet (not pictured).

Step 3: Assembly

Start to assemble your side supports. The top of the horizontal L-bracket measures 2" from the bottom of the vertical support. To get through both pieces with a self-tapping screw, line them up together and drill through the first piece. When you've made a mark on the bottom piece with the screw remove it and then drill through the second piece on that mark. Now you should have a hole in each piece that are lined up with each other and you didn't need to change to drill bit in your drill.

It's also easier if you put the bottom piece in a vise, then you only have to hold the top piece firm while you drill.

Once your side supports are assembled, connect them with the U-channel pieces with the bottom of the "U" facing up.

You can now attach support feet. Note: you will need to cut a notch out of the support feet to fit them inside the U-channel. Attach them at the center of the 4 ft span. These are not pictured.

Finally, attach the 6" support brackets on 45 degree angles to the U-channel and vertical uprights.

Step 4: Painting and Installation

I used some BBQ paint I had lying around, but any matte black spray paint should work.

While the paint was drying, I cut out a section of sod slightly bigger than the footprint of the rack. I spread out one 25 kg bag of all-purpose gravel, then broke up some cheap paving stones for footings. I leveled the paving stones using by sinking them in the gravel or building it up, as needed.

Once the paint is dry, position the rack and start stacking!

Good Luck :)


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice. I'll have to do this. I wanted a good way to store firewood for emergencies under the eaves of the house or in the garage.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Just a word or two of caution about storing fire wood under your eaves/against the house or in the garage;

    [1] Do you live in a bush fire prone area as the wood pile can act as a fuel source/ignition point?

    [2] Does the timber you are to burn potentially contain such things as termites or other wood boring insects which may then attack your house?

    [3] A wood pile is also a great home for mice, spiders and cockroaches.

    Not wishing to be a killjoy, just providing a word of caution.


    Reply 4 years ago

    All very good points, nothing killjoy about keeping your home insect/critter free


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks great! Thanks for sharing how you built it. I hope we see more from you in the future!