Introduction: Firewood Rack-Trampoline Reincarnated

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Here's an idea for demolished trampolines. Use the legs to build a firewood rack. We had a large limb break off of a Post Oak tree during a typical Central Texas thunderstorm. It landed right on our new trampoline!  One of the leg bases was crushed, so I only had enough pieces to make one rack.  

Step 1: Materials

Each trampoline leg is made up of a base with (2) 90° corners and 2 straight sections (pic1):

You'll need:
(2) - leg bases from trampoline
(8)- straight leg sections from trampoline
(1)- 5' length of 1-5/8" pipe (chain-link fence line post)
(1)- 4' landsacpe timber or 4' treated 4"x4"
(4) - 3/8" x 3-1/2" lag screws
(4)- 3/8" flat washers

Electric Drill
Drill Press
1-5/8 Hole Saw Bit
3/8" Drill Bit

Step 2: Knotching the Braces

Use a drill press or pipe knotcher to cut 1-5/8" knotches in both ends of 1-5/8" galvanized pipe. I made (4) of these at 11" long at the shortest point. I have a wood stove that uses firewood cut around 16" long. If you use bigger firewood, you may want to cut these longer.    

Step 3: Welding the Bases

Stand-up one of the leg bases on a flat surface, using a carpenter's square to make it perpendictular to the floor. I clamped the top of the straight leg section to sawhorse to keep it stable Take one of the knotched braces & set it at a right angle to the leg base. Tack-weld it at the point where the leg base is flat on the floor. Stand-up the other leg base the same way & tack it to the other end of the knotched brace.

Step 4: Weld Upper Braces

After tack-weldng the lower braces, lay the rack over & place one of the knotched braces down 2" from the top. Weld the (2) staight leg sections resting on the floor together & weld that to the leg base. Do the same thing to the other end, flip it to the other side & repeat (pic 1). Now stand it upright use a torpedo level to set the knotched brace  clamp it in place & tack it to the staight leg section (pic 2). 
Complete all of the welds where you tack-welded before. Be sure to have a fan blowing the welding smoke away when you weld galvanized metal.   

Step 5: Attach Base

Cut landscape timber or treated 4"x4"approx. 17" Set under the bottom knotched braces & drill (2) 3/8" holes through each. Secure a 3/8" x 3-1/2" lag screw through each hole. I placed an end cap on top of each straight leg section.