Introduction: Firewood Rack

I had the need for another wood rack for my deck. I have two already, but last year I had some problems getting to the main pile in my back yard. I thought it would be a good idea to stack some more before the snow flies. The cost should be around $12.00 depending on the cost of 2x4x8s in your area.

(( Just a simple wood rack with dimensions ))

Step 1: Tools

4)2x4x8  (treated or paint)

4)Steel straps

Small box of (2 ½”) deck screws, and some small screws for straps

Drill or driver ///  bit to predrill holes

Tape measure


Step 2: Cuts

Take two of the 2x4s and set them aside, they will not be cut at all. From the others cut a (9”) and a (12”) off each end this will leave you with a 75” that needs to be cut in half. See drawing.

Step 3:

Take the two uncut 8’ 2x4s and cap the ends with the 12” peaces, making a box. Put the 37 1/2”s in the box standing up right and cap off with the 9” peaces. The straps were placed as shown in the photos. Predrill for all screws.