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Introduction: Firewood Storage Rack From a Pallets... Super Simple

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Long and short of it, I heat mostly with fire wood.  So I'm always trying to gather firewood and want to stack it.   I've purchased 2 metal racks and they are costly and work OK, but I don't think they will last many more seasons.  So I kind of was looking for a cheap way to keep wood stacked up... and I have a steady supply of odd ball pallets... so...

Step 1:

The local VW dealer gets a few of these types of pallets every week (parts department).  They get piled up by the dumpster and they pay some one to haul them away... so there was no problem in letting me load up the trailer with several these.  This is the smaller sized one, there is a larger version with fairly thick boards....  and this stuff is heat treated.

Break out the saw, make your cuts along the red lines.

Step 2:

After 1 minute of cutting... set them up as so on a fairly level surface.

Step 3:

Load up with wood.  Want a wider one, then cut them so they are more "L" shaped than "U" shaped and then butt them up. 

You can fit 2 of these side by side on a standard type pallet.

Pretty much any VW or Audi dealer in North America should be getting these types of pallets, talk to manager in the Parts Department, they may be happy to see them go.

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    4 years ago

    What a great idea, very simple. Thank you for sharing.

    Don't you need to find a way to keep your supplies dry in the winter season though? Otherwise surely it's pointless storing it unless you don't care about burning unseasoned wood.

    Do you have any suggestions for integrating covering into the design that still allows air to circulate?