Introduction: Firmware Downgrade M365

Hello, in this instructable I will show you how to downgrade the Firmware of your Electric Scooter Xiaomi M365.

If you have the version 1.5.1 it means you can only use the official app which only have a few features in comparison to more elaborated apps like m365 Dashboard.

Also having a lower firmware means that you can easily flash a custom firmware that allows to run faster and customize a lot your driving parameters. More info here:

Step 1: Needed Tools and Skills:


- ST-Link programmer and debugger

- Jumper wires (male to female)

- Solder iron or solder station

- Flux and decent quality solder

- Some basic screwdrivers

- Tweezers

- Software and drivers:


You have to make 3 solder joints and take out a smd capacitor but dont panic, there is no need of putting the capacitor back again and the 3 solder joint are trough hole so it should be easy. If you never solder anything before search for some tutorials online under the topic: "how to solder trough hole" and "how to desolder smd"

There are different models of the ST-Link, I use a different one that works the same.

Step 2: ​Check If You Have 1 or 2 Fuses

This is not mandatory but since a firmware downgrade allows you to run faster and draw more power from the battery, having only one fuse will make it blow and you will have to solder a new one.

Your serial number looks like this: XXXXX / YYYYYYYY

The value of XXXXX will be either:

13678 China White

16057 Youth

16132 European White

13679 China Black

16133 European Black (always 2 Fuses)

The YYYYYYYY part of the serial number must be greater than 35000

The battery manufacturing date must be later than March 2017, you can get this info on the Xiaomi app under battery information.

Step 3: Uncover the Board and Get Ready

Start by opening the case and exposing the electronics, the case is glued and can be easily removed with a flat screwdriver.

Remove the 3 Phillips screws holding the PCB.

Disamble the handle and disconnect the power plug.

Step 4: Time to Solder and Desolder

Locate on the board the component labeled C16, its a small capacitor that blocks the possibility of flashing new firmwares.

Put some flux on both pads of the capacitor, clean your soldering iron and with the tweezers hold the capacitor while applying heat on the pads, the flux will equally distribute the heat and should be easier to pull it out.

If you pull too hard while the solder is not complete melted you may also lift the track of the PCB, don't panic, just cut it out and that's it.

The alternative to desolder the (0402 I think) capacitor is just to cut it out, this is not the most elegant solution but since we don't need to put it back ever again.....

Locate the 3 pads on the PCB and solder 3 jumper wires, use a good amount of flux because the PCB has a layer of some protection material over it.

Step 5: Time to Flash

In the pictures you can see connection beetwhen the BLE board of your Scooter and the ST-Link for the standart and pro models. Connect 5V from the power plug to your ST-Link, 3.3V will also do.
Extract the folder ble365rec and under the sub folder doc, install the ST-Link drivers "STM32 ST-LINK Utility v4.4.0 setup.exe"

Connect the ST-Linkto the PC and wait for Windows to finish with the automatic install.

Its recommended to update your ST-Link firmware, for that open the STM32 ST-LINK Utility (Desktop link) and click on the menu ST-LINK/Firmware update/Devide Connect/Yes>>>>. This process will update your programmer and debug adapter and has nothing to do with the M365 Firmware.

Now you can run the .bat file "ble365rec.bat" for the standart version or "blePROrec.bat" for the pro version. Wait until it finish and disconnect and desolder the jumper wires.

If you getsome error in the bat file before flashing post a comment with screenshoots, this is not bad for the scooter.

If you get an error or just the connection gets interrupted while flashing your scooter will be "bricked" and the only solution is to flash a working firmware with a ST-Link so just retrying the process will fix it because that is what we are doing.

Step 6: Reasamble Your Scooter

Put everything back together and test the scooter, if you get any error like restarting and making some beeps, check the solder joints you made before and make sure that after disconnecting the jumper wires there is no short circuit beetwhen the pads. Also, do not let the jumper wires hanging they have to be removed after the process is done.

Step 7: Explore All the New Possibilities

I recomend deleting the Xiaomi Home official app because if the scooter gets updated again you will have to redo the whole process.

My favorite app is m365 Dashboard it gives you a lot more than the official one, its frequently updated and supports multiple languages.

If you want to modify your M365 with a custom firmware, just download your own with your desired parameters from here: and flash it using the M365_DownG_V11 app