Introduction: First Aid/Mild Trauma Medic Kit

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I, like most, have a drawer in the bathroom (or kitchen) that consists of first aid supplies.   However,  I do not know what I have or how much I have of it or even if the items I have have passed their expiration date.    But there are a few things wrong with this scenario.  

One,  I can never find what I need when I need it.  
Two, if I have an emergency I could not quickly get to the items. 
Three, a drawer is not easily portable, because an emergency is never near the first aid drawer.

Now that my two sons are getting older and more active, I expect first aid emergencies to occur. Therefore, I decided to organize a good first aid kit.   I also wanted a little more in my kit than just bandages for scrapes and burns.   What if the kids fall on a stick and get a puncture wound.   So, I wanted a first aid kit that could handle minor traumas too.  

Now through my research I could find basic first aid kits to high end EMT trauma kits, but nothing in between the two.   So, I decided to build my own.

I have photographed everything that is going in the bag.   But I have not found a suitable bag to carry the supplies in that folds out to display the items nicely.  If anyone has suggestions I would love to hear it in the comments.   I am trying to keep the price around $10 to $15.   

Total cost with a bag is around $95.   This might seem high, but there are some specialized items in the bag that I feel is necessary for minor traumas that could save a life.  In the scheme of things, I think this bag on the open market might cost more, but would contain more fluff, which is what I trimmed out of the list.

Supplies.   Most items I found at the Dollar Store.  Some at Target's $1 bins in the Health and Beauty section,   But the specialized and individually wrapped items I found (at a reasonable price too) at Chinook Medical Gear.    There was a lot of cool stuff at their website that I had to keep myself from buying and to keep the kit cost down.   Love that site.   Also, the company was founded by a vet, bonus.

Attached in the pdf is list of all the items, their costs, and the supplier.  I have also tagged them in the photos.

Love to hear comments on how to make this kit better.