Introduction: First Dart Plane

Well, bored of planes which don't fly good. Well looks like you just found the best plane to touch the heights. Presenting the dart plane

Step 1: From Scratch

first take a piece of blank paper(A4 printing)

Step 2: Let's Begin

Grab the top right corner of the paper and place it at the end of the left hand crease

Step 3: Airplane

Grab to the right hand corner drag it to the left hand fold corner.

Step 4: Complicated

fold the paper in half longways(left corner to the right created corner)

Step 5: Its Getting a Shape.

Grab the right corner and place it down on the center crease so the edge aligns with the center case.

Step 6: Both the Sides.

Do the same with left corner

Step 7: Done.....

Fold the paper in half long the centre case.