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Introduction: First House in Minecraft

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(Let There Be Lightman)We All have troubles starting out in Minecraft with the creepers blowing you up, and the zombies breaking down your door its tough. Unless you happen to read a certain Instructables that is made just for people who are dying to stop having to respawn. If that's you your in the right place. I'm going to show you the most efficent way to build You First House in Minecraft. And the best Part is that you Wont need to travel far to collect resources as long as you follow these Directions carefully.

You Will Need

Your Smarts

Your Eyes

Basically Be Smart about what you do

Step 1: Choosing Location

When First starting out in Minecraft you Must choose you Place to live very carefully. If you are on a private multiplayer server with friends you probably wont have to worry about grievers and Thieves, but if your on a Public Server that is popular you might be lucky to even get a tree unless you travel far out into the world, but for sanitys sake we shall say that you are in a single player world. When Choosing a location to place you first house take into account what are the vital things you will need.

a House should be near

A. a source of stone

B. a source of water

C. a source of Wood

D. Live Stock

These are the main things that you will need In the future. Its not a smart Idea to place you house directly in a mountain side or Cave as monsters spawn in caves and it will take a longer time to build you house if its in stone. The Best thing is to try and get a quick Shelter set up Before Night comes Because any person that has played Minecraft before knows that getting caught outside during the night without a place to stay is bad news for you. also a good thing to do is place you House near your world spawn(the place you see first when you load into the world from)

Step 2: Main Room

Once you have A location set dig a tunnel into a hill side, and dig out a 3 wide 3 long and 2 high space. this is going to be your base until you can get a real house built. this space will eventually contain a bed, a furnace, a Crafting Table and a Mine.

Step 3: Wood

Wood is very important in the game. it is used to make building, torches, tools and more. Go outside and cut down a tree using your fist. after you have about 6 logs go to you house and turn 3 of those logs into wooden plans. the other 3 will be used later.

Step 4: Tools

Tools are very important to your survival in minecraft as they are used to fight off monsters and provide you with ore. Start out by making 4 the wooden planks you made last step and turning them into sticks like so. Then use those sticks and planks to make a wooden Pickax by placing 3 Wooden Planks in Box's 1-3 then Place sticks in box's 5 and 8. After that Mine Out some stone near you to upgrade your tools. After Mining 13 Cobblestone go back and use more sticks to build a stone Pickax, a Stone Sword and a Furnace

Step 5: Darkness

By this time its getting dark and mobs will be coming out soon. So place a single block of dirt in the way of the door to stop mobs from coming in but so you can see out to find out if its daytime(Note: Place Down a second Dirt Block If you want more protection from Skeleton Archers). After that you will have a problem, you are in the dark and you can find anything. Never fear

Step 6: Light

Use those Wooden Logs that we stored up earlier and place them in the top slot in the furnace. Use the Wooden Pickax you made earlier as fuel by placing it in the bottom Slot in the furnace. You Will receive one Charcoal after the first wood log has been cooked place that in the bottom slot of the furnace to cook the rest of the wood Logs. Use the 2 Charcoal You Get from the wood logs and make torches By placing sticks in box 8 and the Charcoal in box 5. Use the torches to light up your house. Mine the rest of the night.

Step 7: Pretty Much Done

that's pretty much it. After the first night it gets easier as you don't have to worry about Night fall. The Next thing for you to do is Build a suitable house out of cobblestone and wood planks. After that i usually go and build a small farm for bread and wheat to breed animals(i Hope u got cows or sheep when you chose your location) and then go mining for all the ores i will need to build armor, weapons and tools. That' for this Instructables. If You Have a Idea on how to improve this or have a question or two, Post a comment(I LOVE it when you comment and give me feedback)and leave a like, But Until Next Time Minecraft Fans

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    6 years ago

    I just started playing minecraft this year and I already am a redstone boss, i will make some instructables on how to make some of the things i make. follow me.

    minecraft g0d2
    minecraft g0d2

    Reply 1 year ago

    we don't have to do that...BOT!!


    7 years ago

    A tip... By your first night you should have a wooden house and full tools and chest furnace and crafting table.... And a farm...


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Farms are a tricky thing. In the beginning of survival mode farms are not the best way to go in terms of food due to the fact that wheat growth is does not grow all at the same time and therefore does not get harvested all at one time. A better way to gather food is by killing livestock because it is a definite Yes that you will get meat from them. even though you might want to breed those cows for later sometimes the best thing to do is to think about now not later, and even so you can just kill the pigs first as those Are meant for food and they do not have any other drop other than Raw Pork chops.

    Wooden houses are not always the way to go in the beginning as well they are good if you can chop down lots of wood in time for night fall(or even just enough to make walls). After the first night however you can build any house you want as long as you keep the cave house viable for use, because you will have a place to retreat to during the night. it all depends on personnel Preference.