Introduction: Fish Bubble Tube

Have you ever wanted to have bubbles coming out of the bottom of your fish tank? Nevery really want to pay 5 bucks for one of thoes small black tubes? Well, here is a way to make one, with things from around your house! All you need is a straw, a needle, and the usual pump and tubes that come with most fish aquareum kits.

Step 1: Step One, the Stuff

first you will have to gather the required items:
1) Straw, or something very close
2) Needle
3) fish aquarium motor and tubing
4) aquarium rocks
5) silly puddy
6) Tape =) yah!

Step 2: Puddy, Tape

Put the silly puddy on the end of the straw, covering it completly. Then put tape on the puddy to cover the end of the straw and the puddy. Slightly blow on it to see if any air escapes.

Step 3: POKE!

this is the fun part...poke it a billion times with the needle, or untill it is satisfactory to you. Heating the needle is not needed, but it may help.
Then blow through the straw, the air sould escape easly. if not, keep poking.
Try to poke them evenly

Step 4: Attatch

now you can attack it to the hose and put a little putty around the the tube and the straw, and put it in the water. to keep it down, bury it under the rocks in the tank.

Step 5: Optional

if you want, you can also get suction cups to place it on the wall.