Introduction: Fish Cakes

Today I am going to show you how to make fish cakes. They are really good as a side to a dish or just on their own.

Step 1: Ingredients

To make the fish cakes you will need:

-2 onions

-A good bunch of parsley

-450 grams of cooked fish meat

-900 grams of potatoes

-Salt and Pepper to taste

Step 2: Mixing

Cook the potatoes, then mash them with the butter and milk until smooth. Then finely chop the onions and parsley.

Add the mashed potatoes, fish, onions, parsley, salt and pepper to a large bowl and mix together with your hands until completely combined. Put into a smaller container and cover with plastic film and leave in the fridge over night.

Leaving it in the fridge allows the flavors to infuse together, creating a much deeper taste.

Step 3: Eggs

The next day crack 4 eggs into a bowl and whisk lightly.

Step 4: Shaping

Take out the fish mixture and roll them into individual patties. Now it's time for crumbing! Put the bread crumbs onto a plate and put your beaten eggs beside the crumbs. Also put some baking paper on a tray ready to put your coated fish cakes on.

Step 5: Coating

Pick up a fish cake and dip it into the eggs, then pull it out and roll into your bread crumbs until fully coated. Now I used two kinds of bread crumbs, some homemade sourdough bread crumbs which you can make here Sourdough Bread Crumbs and some store brought bread crumbs. Keep dipping and rolling until you have finished all your fish cakes.

Step 6: Baking

Bake your fish cakes in a 180 degree C oven until they are crisp, hot and ready to eat! You only need to cook the egg on the outside and heat up the middle.

Step 7: Comparison

As you can see in the photos the store brought bread crumbs are lighter then the sourdough bread crumbs and finer, but the sourdough bread crumbs are a little bit more chunkier and darker. I think the sourdough bread crumbed fish cakes look more inviting then the store brought bread crumbed fish cakes. And the texture in your mouth is much more satisfying. Let me know what ones you think look nicer in the comments below.

I hope you give them a try, Enjoy!

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