Fish Can

Introduction: Fish Can

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Components :


1 Piezo with cables (d = 20 mm )

1 Film can with lid

1 Glass murmuring (d = 16 mm)

2 Wobbly eyes

1 Piece of paper (xx mm x xx mm)

1 x Adhesive tape 105 mm x 50 mm

2 x Adhesive tape 40 mm x 50 mm

1 x Adhesive tape 10 mm x 70 mm

Step 1:

1. Solder LED and Piezo element together

Make sure that only one LED leg is connected to one end of the cable.

Step 2:

2. Put the marble in the film can and close it

Step 3:

3. Wrap the lid of the can with adhesive tape and turn it over like a candy

Step 4:

4. Place candy end between two adhesive tape sticks and cut tail fin out of it

Step 5:

5. Cut the teeth out of paper

Step 6:

6. Prepare teeth and Piezo element

6.a) Tap teeth with a narrow strip of tap in the middle and pick up.

6.b) Touch and pick up the Piezo.

Stick both behind and to the end of the film can.

Pay attention to the alignment of tail fin to LED.

Step 7:

7. Paste the eyes and....

Step 8:

Shake it.

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    4 years ago

    That's really cute :)