Introduction: Fish Food Game, LOL Shield

The Fish Food Game uses an LoL Shield, Gyro Scope and an Arduino. The player tries to eat-up all the food on the board.

Step 1: Step 1: Parts List

In this project, you will need:

1 x Ardunio UNO, Cost: $8 to $25

1 x LoL Shield, Cost: $25,

1 x Gyro Scope, GY-521 MPU5060, Cost: $2.99 to $10

Step 2: Step 2: Wire Diagram

Wiring...See image for wire length.

GY-521 VCC to Arduino 5v

GY-521 GND to Arduino GND

GY-521 SCL to Arduino A5

GY-521 SDA to Arduino A4

GY-521 Gyro Position...

Place the Gyro like the picture above or else it might not fit.

Step 3: Step 3: Put It All Together

Put everything together.

1.Use double sided tape to attach the Gy-521 Gyro to the bottom of the LOL shield. Make sure it is out of the way of items on the Arduino board.

2.Put the LOL Shield on top of the Arduino Uno board. Make sure the Gyro does not touch anything on the Arduino board

Step 4: Step 4: CODE

You will need to make sure the 2 .h library files are installed first. If not, load them and restart the IDE.

Git hub has the most current ino file.

1. Load and RUN. ENJOY!!!


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