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Introduction: Fish Hook From Plastic Bottle and 2 Tools

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You can make a fish hook from a plastic bottle, lighter, and scissors. It is not fit for bigger fish but will work in a pinch to catch pan fish or other small fish.

Supplies -

  1. Thick plastic bottle.
  2. Good scissors.
  3. Lighter or precise heat source.

Step 1: Cutting Your Bottle

First take your bottle and cut off the part that tapers to the cap. You should be left with a drinking cup looking bottle end.

Step 2: Final Cutting

Now cut the flat part the your "drinking cup end" to get a strip of plastic.

Step 3: Making the Point

Trim the edges of the strip to get a pointed end. It should not be too sharp but still be pointy.

Step 4: Fold Over Edges

You will now fold over the first couple of inches to get a double sided, pointed, strip of plastic.

Step 5: Start the Bend

Heat the edge where the seams of plastic come together with your lighter. You will notice the plastic bending Inward. Be careful not to warp the plastic to the sides.

Step 6: Finished Bend

If you heat the edge enough it should bend around and make a hook shape.

Step 7: Cut Excess Off

Trim the excess plastic off of the hook. Make sure to leave some plastic for your hole to go.

Step 8: Punch Hole

On the plastic that you left on step 7, punch or drill a hole. You could also heat up a nail with your lighter and use that. I used an arrow head to make the small hole.

Things you could do to improve the hook.

  • Sharpen the point on abrasive material.
  • Make a barb by "welding" another piece of plastic to the point with heat.
  • Reinforce the hook with glue like marine epoxy or super glue.

Step 9:

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6 years ago

Just curious, have you actually caught fish on such a hook?

all the fish hooks I have seen are much finer and smaller, most fish having pretty small mouths.


Reply 6 years ago

I have not caught any fish on the hook modeled in this instructable. I agree with you that most hooks are smaller and I would only try to use this hook if it was the only hook I had or I was in a survival situation. Any fish with a big enough mouth to bite this hook would probably break it, but you always could make it smaller.