Introduction: Fish Tail Loom

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Hey Guys! Awesome Making an Instructable again!

Sorry it's been awhile...... Anyways I am SUPER sorry, all of the photos will be upside down. But, by the way it's centered, You should get the idea.

Step 1: The Materials Needed.

As you could guess, Today's instructable will be about a fishtail loom!

(Sorry, another bracelet) But it's pretty easy to do.

All you need are some household items.

What you need:

2 Pencils/pens

band clips ( In this case I'm using S clips, But there are C clips and others, Any will work.)

Tape Or Ductape (Sorry, not in the photo)


And Hands... (oh, that rhymes!)

Step 2: Getting Started!

Grab your 2 pencils/pens and tape them together, You could put and eraser or something small and sturdy in-between. Grab your first band, p.s If doing a pattern, be sure to plan that before you start.

In my case, green is my first, So I put than on, but loop it around the first pen/pencil as shown,

until it makes an 8. then grab your pattern's next 2 bands, add those on top of the green, slightly spaced apart.

Then take the green, and pull it over the pink, (in my example) then put your clip on the green band.

Step 3: Still Going...

Then add another band on top of that pink one, Then pull the orange over the purple, and continue steps

1&2 until you get a small piece done. (in photo above)

Step 4: Almost There....

Continue adding bands until you get your wrist size...

Step 5: And Voila!

A cute and stylish bracelet! thanks to my friend, for showing me how to do this,

and thanks to instructables, for letting me make this!

P.s Sorry for my bad nails..

Hope you liked it, and I'll try to make more instructables soon!

_NightSky_ Out!