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Introduction: Fish Tank Habitat

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  Over the years I have had a several different fish tanks.  As a plumber, I would put any type of mechanical fittings or valves into a tank as habitat.  
  Always having aggressive fish, a ball valve provided great refuge to small fish.  Also, a real mean fish will go after its reflection when there is no food.

Step 1: Materials &Tools

You need a ball valve and a Crescent wrench.  * This instructable is on one type of ball valve. The only difference to the other style ball valve is, you put it in a vice and and turn it open with a pipe wrench.* 

Step 2: Break Down

With the Crescent, remove all the nuts including the packing nut under the handle.

Step 3: The Guts

Remove the handle, bolts, O-ring, and Teflon seal.

Step 4: Position Ball

With the Crescent, position the valve stem to the closed position, so the slot will let the ball roll out.

Step 5: Finished Product

In this photo, I have the ball sitting on the packing nut.  Normally the ball just sits in the gravel. This ball valve is also 1 1/4 but several feeders will fit into a 3/4 in full-port ball valve.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    zinc, lead and brass can poison fish over time. While this ball valve may be stainless steel it might be good advice to add a caveat regarding the types of metal used because folks may use any cool looking piece of metal and not realise they can kill their fish with some metals.
    Even using different types of rock can change the pH of the water in a tank.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for your comment and you are most correct. Most of the time I use stainless or nickel plated brass. I also changed up the tank regularly and used this set up as a way to prolong a certain short ending.