Introduction: Fish Care

want a pet? been asking forever? A fish is a very simple pet. Or parents, did your kid go to the fair, come home, and surprise you with a goldfish they won? Whatever the story, this will show you how to care for a fish.

Step 1: Tank

Tanks come in different shapes and sizes. All that matters is the size. 10, 20, 30, 40 gallon. The fish needs room. Do Your research. Google your fish. For example, I wanted to get ghost crabs, but the require 1 square foot of room in all directions, and you need to get them in pairs.
NOTE: Do not place fish in tank yet.

Step 2: Pebbles

Pebbles, Rocks, Sand, Gravel, whatever you choose, there has to be stuff at the bottom. It's a filter. Fish poop, and fish could eat that poop. stuff on the bottom doesn't expose it.

Step 3: Plants

Plants provide a place for fish to stay, and feel protected. you need to have big, tall plants. But make sure they don't get too big and invade. Also keep in mind some plants have snail eggs on them.

Step 4: Placement

Time to buy or insert the fish. Keep fish in bag and float the bag in the tank. Keep in the bag for one hour, and then carefully remove the fish. Do not crowd around the tank, tap on the glass, or antagonize the fish, which will already be stressed out. Watch the fish for a few days for illness.

Step 5: Food

Feed the fish in the morning, and at night. Remember fish are living beings so find a food they like.

Step 6: Illness

If your fish has an injured fin, ulcers, or open wounds, get a medicine to put in the water, and read instructions carefully.

Step 7: Algae

control algae levels. Get an algae eater, or find something to put in the water.

Step 8: Cleaning

buy a pump to change the water. Switch the filters out. do all this weekly or monthly.

Step 9: When to Clean

you can buy a test kit which helps a lot. When the ammonia levels go up, clean. Don't add the bottled chemicals to the tank.

Step 10: Last

If you see an algae growing on the bottom, you are giving them too much food.

That's it. Comment any questions or suggestions. Like if I should do different pet care instructables