Introduction: Fish in the Sea Automata

As you spin the straw the fish will swim up and down on the water line.


Cardboard, X-acto knife, strong tape, straws, spray paint.

Step 1: Frame and Parts

First you will want to make the frame of your automata do so by scaling out how big you want it to be and drawing the parts on a piece of cardboard. once you do that you should drill all the holes that you will need in it like the 6 on top for the straws that hold the fish, and then the 2 holes on the bottom for the straw that spins the wheels.

Step 2: Close Back of Project

After you set up the straws through the holes on the top of the project, close up the back and move on to the wheels on the bottom.

Step 3: Make Wheels

Once you finish the structure of the automata and the straws that go to the top of the box, start to make the wheels. you need to take a piece of cardboard and make three wheels and full wrap them in tape. then you want to drill an off center hole in all three of them. Then you want to take the three wheels and put them onto a straw and face one of them in opposite direction of the other two. Finally you will put the wheels onto the project and their is only two simple steps left now.

Step 4: Straw Caps, Waves, and Fish

Now that you have finished all the hard stuff you can easily finish up the project. First make some small pieces of cardboard and put them onto the ends of the straws to make it easy for the wheels to rotate and move the straws up and down. after you make those all that's left is to make the waves and fish and add them to the project. After you do that you can spray pain the entire thing. Make sure you put the fish on small bags though so you don't accidentally paint them blue.

Step 5: Final Project

After you paint the entire project you are finished. Enjoy your new automata!