Introduction: Fish Lure Pendant

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hallo hallo!!!! Long time to hear of me, i was quite busy.....The summer started the sun shines all day and its a nice moment for fishing.....but before go alone or with your buddy to fish remember to keep calm your bound....

Every June since 1997 i fist met my beloved soulmate, we share gifts when officialy we start our vacations...some nice handmade jewlery, pendants and paracord braceles representing the spirit of each year summer.....

.So after finishing my popsicle ice creme I keeped the stick like always do for my lab. So i grab a pencil and i designed the outlines of a fish without have a clue about the result and a plan what to do. After some one hour I came back to my bedroom from my lab holding this cute fish lure pendant to gift it to my wife.....She got crazy and she love to ware it.....

Step 1: Materials and Tools

a popsicle any kind but i prefer the one in the picture...

a pencil not a hard one

a pair of pliers

Some acrylic colors

a white primer (Acrylic)

some wire

any drill tool with drill bits (0,5 or 0,6 bits)

a piece of sandpaper

Vernice no color

one glass diode or zener

2 resistors any nice color combination i choosed a 47K and one 33K (47K=yellow,purple,orange), (33K= 3 lines orange)

Step 2: Preparations

First with a soft pencil so not leave any traces on wood draw a basic outline of a fish. With a sharp knife or razor cut the pieces to give the form of the fish....beware so the tail be realistic.....Apply a sandpaper to smooth the piece of wood.

Then with a dremel tool drill the holes 3 for the hooks in the belly of the fish and 2 in the upper area for holding the pendant. The holes for the hooks are.....the first under and close to mouth. The second in the middle and the other one near to tail. The 2 holes for holding the pendant have distance about 10mm.

Cut 5 pieces of wire (I used some copper coil wire 0,6).of about 8cm long....and pass the wire pieces from the holes. These wires will protect the tiny holes stay open after the primer and coloring.

Now take a wet sponge and wipe out the lure. This will clean and dust and will support the tiny wood for the approprate moisture to help absorbe better the primer.

Use acrylic white wood primer. At least 2 passes....more passes gives brigher colors. Leave the popsicle for 5 min after any pass. I did 3 passes. Let the primer dry well for 15 minutes.

After the primer use a very thin sand paper to remove any dust and smooth the surface. Now take your acrylic colors you prefer. Remember the tail is always dark colored. I used eggtempera colors coming in powder form. The egg's yoke mixed with apple vinegar give a smooth surface anda sense of touchin velvet. But any acrylic color works fine.

paint the tail brown and grey in layers and use a dry brush to give density and shadows. After that take little quantinty of brown and military green (to make military green mix green with gray in 2/1) and apply this for final pass for fishtail.

Apply enough quantity of cadmium yellow (bright) with tiny quantities of titanium white. Mix them and apply them to the body of the lure. Apply well 2 or 3 passes. let dry each pass for 3-4min. Then take red vermillion and draw wavy lines for making the second layer. Draw 3 wavy lines, apply 2 passes.Let it dry for 10min....

Apply the clear vernice for permanent results.....cause the vernice is like glue remove the wire from the holes and leave only the upper one for handing the lure. Let it dry well for 15min.

Step 3: Hooks and How to Make Them

You can make the hooks of the lure by combine simle bended wire and feathers or just a wire shaped as a hook... For more coloring effects you may use (if you have) some resistor with nice color combinations and a diode or zener.

So i used one 47K resistor a 33K resistor and one beautifull clear glass zener diode. The effect they have is like have small corcks with the hooks....

The trick for a nice realistic result is how to bend and prep the resistors and diodes to make them like hooks....use for guide the image. Remember to have about 3mm long on the top and about 20mm on the bottom. With pliers hold the resistor about 3-4mm brom ceramic isolator and below....Hold this standy and bend using a screwdriver as guide the rest and give an nice bend and an excellent fine result. Do the same with the zener.

After this apply each hook in the appropriate hole and place it vertically to the hole and very kind bend the rest. After all hooks are in place apply some glue using a toothpick in the back side of the pendant to glue the hooks. Use acrylic glue. Another one pass of clear vernice is good to done.

The final step is the handle of the pendant....i used again not colored resistor and has a nice natural ceramic color that binds beautifully.

Make it and gift it to those you love......share love and happiness make the world better....

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