Introduction: Fish Tank Cleaner

Clean the filthy glass on the inside of your fish tank or bowl without getting your hands dirty.

Step 1: Materials

you need:
1) 1.5L bottle top
2) polystyrene
3) 2 x strong magnets ( i got my 2 out of a hardrive from an old computer)
4) some felt
5) Hot glue

Step 2: Cut Polystyrene to Size

Push the bottle top onto your piece of polystyrene. Cut out this circle using a craft knife. Then squeeze the polystyrene so it will easily fit into the bottle top but when its covered in felt it will hold firmly.

Step 3: Insert Magnet

Use the hot glue gun to melt the shape of the magnet into the polystyrene. Put a small dot of hotglue onto the polystyrene and push the magnet into it

Step 4: Cover Polystyrene Circle With Felt

Cut out a piece of felt just large enough so that it will cover the polystyrene like in the photo. Lay the magnet side of the polystyrene onto the cut out felt and pull up the felt and glue it to the polystyrene using hot glue. (if you use dense polystyrene it wont melt much when in contact with hot glue)

Step 5: Push Covered Polystyrene Into Bottle Top

Push it in like shown in the picture.

Step 6: Make the Part That Will Go Inside the Fish Tank

Cut out two identical circles of felt that are large enough to cover the second magnet. Lay one circle in front of you and the magnet on top. Put a line of hot glue around the magnet (but not touching) and place the second piece of felt on top and push them together. FINISHED

Step 7: What to Do With It

Drop the magnet (the one inside the two felt pieces) down along the wall of your dirty fish tank using the magnet within the bottle top to guide it. Now you can clean the inside of your fish tank without getting your hands dirty. Leave it hanging on the back of the tank until you need to use it again. You may want to wash or replace the felt on the inside of the tank as it will get dirty.

WARNING: Do not use any toxic materials for building this project or your beloved fish may die