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Introduction: Fishbowl With Light

It is designed for a 40L fishbowl, we use violet LED's strips but you can use your favorite color :D

Also it is powered by an 12V rechargable battery that can be recharge with a solar panel !

But if you want to use 12V regulated source it's the same

Step 1: Materials


-LED Strip (we use 2m)

-12V Rechargable Battery / 9V Battery (it will light lower) / 12V Regulated Source

- Fishbowl

- Wire

- 2 Crocodile wires

- Cardboasrd (depending on the size of your bowl)


-Soldering Station

- Scissors

Step 2: How to Choose Your Source

Each 3 LED's use something like 15-20mAh, so you should count how many groups of 3 LED's you have.

For example, if you have 20 groups, the maximum current is 400mAh. If you are using a regulated source, a 12V/500mA source it's good. But the thing is when you are using a battery, because now it'll depend on how many hours you will use it. If you will use it 8 hours, you must to have a battery that provides 3200mA minimum. So be careful with this thing.

Step 3: Putting LED Strips

Depending on the size of your fishbowl cut your strips. The majority of the strips have a dotted area each 3 LED's where you can cut it with scissors.

After cutting the strips, you need to uncover the strips in the place that have two copper dots, one is positive and the other negative.

When you have uncovered these parts, I RECOMMEND you to solder wires in this places. One for positives and other for negatives.

Step 4: Cutting the Cardboard

-Cut your cardboard 1cm more than the size of your bowl.

- Place the strips where you want :D

- If there is more than one strips, you should connect (if you want solder) them (strips) in parallel. Pösitives with positives, negatives with negatives.

- The strips I bought had in their bottom some glue, so I just paste them.

- Try with your source with the crocodile wires.

-When every strips has lighted, put some glue on the edges of the cardboard and paste it with the bowl

Step 5: TRY IT

I turn on the lights at night and it looks pretty good :D

(if you want to put a switch, be careful!. Depending on the current of your source buy the switch. We use a 7A source and try with an 1A swtich and it burned D: )

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done! I love these LED strips. They are so useful!