Introduction: Fishin Fer Squirrels

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Well shoot. We've been fishin for squirrels about 5 years now, and it's as fun as sloppin in the mud on a hot July day. It's easy as pie too-even grandma will get in on the fun. And it sure as heck beats the fun you have trying to find her dentures in the garbage disposal.

This game is for any age to play. It's also cheap and fun. So have a go at it- it's just the darndest thing!

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

Supply List (one pole):

(1) whole peanuts.
(2) a stick or wooden dowel.
(3) string, cut to length (at least 4-9 ft).

Step 2: Rig Up the Squirrel Fishin Pole

This here part is so simple! 

Grab your cut string and tie one end in a knot around your rod, and the other of your string in a knot around the whole peanut.

NOTE: Using a whole peanut makes tying as slick as a pig on ice!

Step 3: Nab Yer Squirrel!

To nab a squirrel, hop in your truck and find the most woodsy area that has a a dozen squirrels, or at least a few. Look for a squirrel. Once you've spotted it, follow these steps:

1. Take your rod and toss out the string with the peanut at the end to try and bait your squirrel.
2. The squirrel will slowly come to your peanut and then BAM! He'll grab that peanut and hold on for dear life!
3. Once the squirrel holds on, put down your pole and slowly pull it in! It won't let go unless it's scared- the prize it too good- so keep your line still and no sudden moves. The squirrel will then scurry off once it's a couple feet to you, or once it gnaws off the peanut. 

Here's a video of my little boy givin it a go, and he's just two. I'll be darned if you don't smile watchin it. Enjoy.

Squirrel Fishn from CH on Vimeo.

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