Introduction: Materials

40mm*900mm pvc pipe
40mm t price of pvc pipe
8mm*800mm threaded rod
12mm*150mm copper pipe
40mm in pipe cap
Three 8mm wing nuts
8mm end nut
Kinetic assorted suction washers
Two 8mm washers

Step 1: The Copper Handle

Take the copper pipe and drill a 9mm hole in it at 75mm from the end

Thread a wing nut 20mm on the threaded rod than place the copper pipe on the threaded rod and add The end nut to secure it

Step 2: Tools

there wasn't very many tools in this build to keep it simple
- handsaw
- shifter
- pliers
- drill
- drill bits

Step 3: Fishing Bait Pump

I like going fishing on the beach but bait costs money and I wanted a way to go fishing cheaper but still be able to catch fish so I came up with the idea of a bait pump. I wanted the pump to be really simple so that anyone can do it with very little tools and be made basically from scrap peices or things that would have been thrown out to keep the cost down and so your bin is left empty :)

Step 4: The Body of the Pump

Now take the end cap and drill a 9 mm hole in the middle of it
Than grab the t peice and slide it onto the end cap and slide it on the rod

Step 5: Cutting the Pipe

The pipe can be what ever length you want and also have any angle on the end.
My price of pipe was 800mm long and had a 45 degree cut on the end you don't really need the cut but it looks good I think

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Now you have the copper handle on and the t price and the end cap on after the copper pipe on the rod

Than Thread the wing nut 40mm onto the end of the threaded rod than place a metal washer on after that
Then Place three suction washer on the rod than a nother metal washer and a wing nut and tighten till it won't come undone

Step 7: Finally Connecting the Pipe to the Piece

It's really simple but the suction washers make it hard so you may need another person to help
All you have to do is push the suction washers into the pipe than push the pipe up to the t peice and connect them both together

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