Introduction: Fishing Line Spooler

About: I am 14 years old and I live in Waco Texas,I like making things out of wood and fixing things!and nature photography!and like the out doors I also love fishing, I love bass fishing!

I've made this awesome fishing line spooler it's very quick and easy to make and use.

Step 1: Cutting

First cut 2 2 and a half inch by 5 and half inch for the sides and a 13 inch by 5and a half inch for the bottom and cut 2 grooves for the line holder

Step 2: Screwing

Cut a metal rod for the line to sit on and screw the sides on I put to pieces of wood on the bottom because it split and I had an old rod I cut it down to fit and nailed it on

Step 3: Finishing Touches

I sprayed on some finish and it gave it a nice gloss

Step 4: Your Done!