Introduction: Fishing Rod Rack

This is my 1st instructable so my step by step may be lacking details. I tend to get an idea in my head and proceed with the project and improvise along the way.

Step 1: Materials List

(1) 1x8x6'
(1) 1x6x6'
(1) 1x4x6'
The wood I used is clear grade arauco pine. For all the lumber, it cost about $50. You can use lesser grade lumber if you'd like to save on cost, or splurge on some other types than can be more expensive.
(Optional) a pack of mushroom wood plugs
I happen to have a Kreg pocket jig kit.
This make the mushroom plugs not needed.
If you intend a lot of woodworking projects, I would advise purchasing one. In my opinion, it is one of the best woodworking tools ever created.

Step 2: Measurements and Cutting

My intent was to make this rod rack 30" wide and 36" tall. I guess I should mention all cuts made were with a miter saw to ensure true squareness.

Cuts are as such:
1x8, cut 2 pcs @ 36"
1x6, cut 1 pc @ 28-1/2"
1x4, cut 2 pcs @ 28-1/2"
1x2, cut 2 pcs @ 28-1/2"

Step 3: Drilling Holes

Since I have a Kreg jig, I only have I picture of drilling with this method. I drilled 2 holes on each end if the 1x6, 1x4s, and 1x2s. Be sure to drill the holes on each end on the same side of the boards. When you assemble the unit you don't want any of the screws or screw holes to be visible.

Step 4: Placement of the Horizontal Pieces

On the vertical pieces(1x8s) I drew the locations of the boards onto both sides to make sure the are not crooked upon assembly. These locations are not a real issue on the placement is. The 1x6 is towards the top end if the rack , the 1x4s are towards the bottom and should be center in the 1x8s at 45 degrees from each other. The 1x2s are to be located a few inches above the 1x4s and flush with the outside edge of the 1x8s... Confused yet ? The pics make it understandable, somewhat.

Step 5: Assembly

For this particular step, my two helpers (my sons) got ahead of me and assembled it without taking pics. They like to help, :-). Basically they aligned the boards with the locations I drew onto the uprights and assembled everything, but you can see the orientation/placement of the boards. It should give some clarity, I hope. Luckily they didn't apply glue to the mating surfaces before they screwed everything together. I disassembled everything in order the drill notches in the 1x6 and 1x2s to accept the rods and hold them in an organized manner, next step...

Step 6: Notches

I have figured that a good spacing for the notches should be approximately 4" apart. This allows good use of space without crowding the fishing rods too close.
On the 1x6, I measured to find the center of the board, placed a mark on the center and a mark every 4" working outward on both sides. I then aligned the the 1x2s on each side of the1x6 and transferred the marks. On the 1x6 then marked a parallel line about 1/4" in from the sides, creating cross marks at each location where a notch will be made. The notches I made on the 1x6 are 1" diameter , the notches in the 1x2s are half circles of 1-3/8"diameters.
I also chamfered every edge of all the pieces to soften the edges.

Step 7: Reassembly

Basically re-assembly is self explanatory. I marked the ends to the spots they were located previously so that they can be reassembled in the same locations since the screws holes would be reused. It made it easier when applying glue to the joints cause the screws found their way right back into the same holes. This eliminated the possibility if any misaligned boards..these pics are the end result.. I know there is info missing that may be essential, so let me know and can provide what info is lacking. This is my 1st instructable, but certainly not my last, so I will get better at the instructions breakdown over time.. Enjoy