Introduction: Fishing Tackle Bucket

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Hello everyone this is my first instructable so I figured I would start off with a easy project to see how good it turned out. My project is taking a regular 5 gallon bucket and turning it into a tackle box/seat. I wanted something I could use to carry all of my stuff and still have a free hand. Hope yall enjoy this and if you don't care let me know how I did.

Drill / drill bits
Phillps Screw Driver
Hand/Hack saw or Sawzall
11/32 socket or wrench

1-1/2 inch pvc enough for 3 rod holders 10-1/2 inches long
6 8/32x3/4 stainless steel bolts
6 8/32 stainless steel locking nuts
6 washers
2 eye bolts (mine came with nuts)
4 regular washers
4 lock washers
Velcro (optional)
Command Hooks (optional)
sandpaper (optional)
paint (optional)

Step 1: Picking Your Bucket/Cutting Pvc

You can use any 5 gallon bucket for this project. I used one I had l laying around. You will also need 3 pieces of 1-1/2 inch pvc cut to 10-1/2 inches for your rod holders. After you cut your pvc to size you take and cut a notch on one end about 1-1/2 inch wide and 3 inches long for the reel to slide down in.

Step 2: Mounting Rod Holders

To mount the rod holders to the bucket you will need to drill 2 holes in each holder. One in the slot you cut out and one at the bottom. After you drill your holes pick your spots on the bucket where you want to mount them. I choose to put two of mine right underneath the handle for the bucket. Then the other one center in between the other two and left one side open that way I could still carry the bucket. To drill the holes on the bucket line up your holder where you want it and take a marker to mark your holes to be drilled. When drilling your holes make sure your using a drill bit big enough to get your screw driver thru to tighten up the bolts. After the holes are drilled I used 8/32x3/4 inch stainless steel bolts with Phillps head and 8/32 stainless steel locking nuts and washers to mount the holders. I choose the stainless steel so they won't rust and the locking nuts so they won't come loose during all the moving and rattling around. To mount put the bolts thru the holes and put the washers and nuts on. Then use your Phillps Screw Driver and 11/32 socket or wrench to tighten them down.

Step 3: The Lid/Seat

For this step I used a Plano storage lid that I already had. I don't do much sitting while I'm fishing but when I do it does make a good seat. I got it from bass pro I don't remember how much it was. If you don't want to use one of those you can check on here to see if anybody else shows how to make a seat.

Step 4: Adding Accessories (Optional)

You can get some velcro and some of those command hooks to hook your tools and tackle boxes to the inside of the bucket. You may also want to put in a first aid kit, flashlight, and other survival items that you may want to add.

Step 5: Adding a Sling (Optional)

To add a sling just drill 2 holes next to the handle and run the eye bolts thru and tighten them down.

Step 6: Making It Looking Pretty (Optional)

What I mean by that is you can paint it and add stickers or decals to it. To paint it just take some sand paper and scuff up the whole bucket well the parts your going to be painting. Then clean it off to make sure there's no dust, dirt, or grim on it. The paint that I found that works the best when painting on plastic is krylon plastic paint that they use for outdoor furniture. Then let it dry.

Step 7: Finished Product

After you've added your rod holders, lid/seat, accessories, sling, and making it pretty. Put some fishing poles, tackle, and bait and hit the lake, river, or stream and have a good time. Thank you for reading my first instructable and have a nice day.