Introduction: Fishing a Drawstring Back Into a Hoodie.

Here is my super cool instructables sweater but the problem is that the draw string for the hood came out.
Here is how I got the string back inside. This technique can be used for pants or duffle bags.

Step 1: A Fish Line.

Using wire or twine, I unraveled the coil and prepared at end for insertion.

Step 2: Pushing the Line Through.

Since the fish line is stiff, it easily travels in the space made for the original string. Once the end is out the other side of the Hoodie, it's time for the next step.

Step 3: Fishing It In.

Using a small wrapping of masking tape onto the string and fish line, I carefully pulled the fish line back. I did this slowly to avoid the string become disconnected.

Finally end of the string followed the fish line out and what a sigh of relief.

Step 4: Extra Protection.

With both ends of the string visible, I made double knots to prevent the string from ever being pulled out of the Hoodie.

Now my cool instructables sweater is ready for its first time use when I travel to Las Vegas on Friday! Me being accustomed to hot climate, it's a freezing challenge to be on an airplane and to vacation in cold climates.