Introduction: Fishing Pole Tent Revisited.

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Here I will re-present the original fishing pole tent from ( and add some enhancements.

Step 1: The Original Tent.

Scenes from the original instructable. But we want to make a smaller tent and then possibly add flaps.

Step 2: The Tent Poles.

We want to take the existing fishing pole and modify it for a smaller tent. You will need the poles apart so you can drill the hole at the same height. Use as small as hole as you can to keep the poles intack. most rope or twine are not more than 1/4 inch wide anyway.

So for a 3x3x3 trangle tent, you should drill 2.59 feet up or about 31 inches.

Step 3: Put It Together.


1 - 6 by 9 foot piece (Good tarp material).
2 - 2 inch by 6 foot pieces
4 - 31 inch by 18 inch by 36 inch right triangles as shown.

Reinforce area for tent poles.
Attach the farthest edges of the 6 by 9 to each other to make a triangle,
Attach base strips to bottom edges fof the top part of the tent on the outside edges.
Attach the door flaps at each end

Note: The local hardware store has a tarp that is already 6 x 9. so the main part of the tent would not have to be even have to be cut out.

Step 4: Set Up the Tent.

Unfold the tent.
Drive in to the ground, the 6 stakes for the bottom of the tent.
Take one pole and  insert it in the hole of the top of the tent.
Put a stake in the gr ground and tie one end of the rope to it.
Take your rope and thread the loose end through the hole in the pole and thread it again under the top of the tent.
At the other end put the pole in the tent hole and take the loose end of the rope and thread it through the other pole.
From there take the loose rope and tie it to the last stake.

Note: this is a lot easier to set up that the old 8 x 10 wall tents, we had to set up as kids.

Step 5: Time to Go Camping.

Make flags for the the tent.
When done, empty the tent.
Pull the stakes.
Remove the rope.
Remove the poles and reassemble back to its original state.
Turn over the tent and clean it off.
Fold up the tent.
Store the tent.

You could even make a bag to hold it if you want.

Step 6: Tent Prototype

Little bigger than I planned. Still have to make the flaps. Tent should easily fit in a backpack. Also you could brind freezer bags along to fill with dirt or something useless to anchor the sides of the tent to replace tent stakes.

Step 7: Tent Cord.

The tent cord can not only be used to hold up the tent, but it can be used as fising line. You can also store the cord insude the fishing pole staff!.

Step 8:

Couple of other things you might want to haave: Fishing hook:

Maybe a homemade single person stove. And a collapsible parabola for a variety of purposes.