Introduction: Fishing Tackle Tube (more Pictures Added)

This is a tubular tackle kit with two compartments. It is not designed to hold a lot of gear. I made this with my son in mind. It has thick walls and JB Weld holding it all together. The first was made to be slung over the shoulder, The second was made to be attached to a backpack.

Step 1: The Parts and Pieces


- One ABS 2" x 2' pipe ( cut into four pieces: one- 13 1/2", one- 6", two- 1/4")

- Two ABS 2" coupling

- Two ABS 2" cleanout (female thread/ male slip)

- Two ABS 2" cleanout plug (male thread)

- Two ABS 2" cap hub

- Two wire lock pins 1/4" x 2" or two I bolts with 2 washers, lock washer and nut for each


The sling is made of tubular webbing and bits I found lying around.

The storage containers are 1 5/8" screw together, there are 18 with one lid for the top.

I added three carbineers, two of them are lashed together with a cobra weave.

I also had the camo spray paint and what boy doesn't want something with camo paint.

I had some foam from a pelican case that I used to cushion the bottom and the top of the long side.

Step 2: Cut, Clean and Dry Fit

1. Cut the pipe into the 13 1/2", 6", and two 1/4" pieces. To get a straight cut on the pipe I used tape wrapped around. The tape should line up perfectly when it is wrapped straight with no wrinkles. Use a file and sand paper to smooth the edges. The end of the file can be used to remove any large pieces.

2. Using a fine grade sand paper, I used 120 grit, to rough up the joint areas. This will allow the JB Weld to better adhere to the surface.

3. Next, fit all the pieces together to be sure that they all fit together properly.

Step 3: Couplings and Caps

4. Mix up enough JB Weld to join both cleanouts to the couplings and join the two caps. Once the pieces are joined together set them aside for 24 hours.
5. Now foam needs to be added to the cleanout plug and the cap for the long tube. This will keep the containers from bouncing up and down. The foam is 2 inches thick. For the cap I left a gap for the pipe to slide in. The plug foam was carved into a dome shape. These were just super glued in place.

Step 4: Rings and Pipes

6. Cut a slit into the rings, remove small sections of the ring until it can be slid into the inside of the pipe. I used a heat gun to get the rings to snuggly fit.

7. The rings are JB Welded into place, the top ring is set 1/4" from the top on the inside of the pipe. The bottom ring is placed the height of the cap inside the pipe. Set the pipe aside for 24 hours.
8. Drill holes in the plugs for the wire pins to fit through, or for another one, I used two I bolts. (tight rubber washers can be used on the inside of the cap with the I bolt style to allow some water proofing)
9. Mix up the JB Weld and use it to attach the pipes to the couplings and caps and set it aside for 24 hours.

10. Once the JB Weld is dry, use sand paper and a round file to allow the container to easily slide in and out.

Step 5: Paint

11. Using a fine grit sand paper, sand down the entire outside of the project.

12. spray paint the outside with a primer.

13. Once dry, I used 1500 grit sand paper to smooth out the primer.

14. Now it can be painted any color, dealer's choice! For the first tube I did a simple two tone camo color. For the second tube I did the hunter safety camo with the orange in it.

***For my camo paint job, I used blue painter's tape. By ripping the tape long ways in half and putting the straight sides together, it gets that camo effect. Reuse the tape for each color. Saves a lot of time with not having to rip new tape for each coat. I allow one hour between coats, but I recommend following the paint's directions.***

Have fun with it. My daughter wants her own fishing tube, so I will make hers pink, purple, white and lime green camo.

Step 6: Extras

The strap and any extras are up to you. For the compartments I put weights, swivels, snaps, hooks, and artificial worms. In the bottom I put two bobbers and a Swiss army knife or a Gerber Dime. There is still plenty room for extra line or any other gear.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

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