Fishtail Rubber Band Bracelet




Introduction: Fishtail Rubber Band Bracelet

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Step 1: Materials:

You will need.......

A rainbow loom kit
Rubber bands
Rainbow loom hook
C clip or S clip :)

Step 2: Making the Bracelet:

Take one rubber band and twist it around two pegs on you loom.

Step 3:

Then once you have the twisted rubber band on the pegs add two more and DO NOT TWIST THEM!

Step 4: The Hook:

Take the bottom rubber band and then hook the bottom rubber band (the twisted one) and bring it over the two non-twisted rubber bands.

Step 5: Setting Up the Fish Tail:

Now to almost start the fishtail you have to take another one of your rubber bands and put it on top of the other two rubber bands DO NOT TWIST the rubber band you are about to put on.

Step 6: The Actual Fish Tail:

Now take your hook again and the bottom rubber band and bring it up and over the two top rubber bands.

Step 7:

Step 8: Finishing the Bracelet:

Now you keep repeating step 6 and 7 until it fits your wrist and then place the C clip or S clip on both ends to make the bracelet.

Step 9: And Now Your Bracelet Is Finished!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial thanks again;)

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5 years ago on Introduction

HOW DOES IS END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



7 years ago

This really helped me learn how to make rubber band bracelets now I can't stop


7 years ago

Thank you that means a lot I haven't been posting a lot I am always so busy but I will try to make more


7 years ago

love the fishtail post some more