Introduction: Fishtail Braid Tutorial in Just 7 Steps!

The fishtail braid is so much in trend these days that women visit the hair salons just to get that hairstyle made as it complements every face and adds a glam look to one’s demeanour. But there is a myth that people have in their mind and that is ‘looks complicated to make’. Well, here’s a step by step tutorial on creating this braided hairstyle in 7 simple steps. All you need is a comb and a rubber band!

The process:

This video shall guide you as to how you can get the braid made by a friend or even do it yourself. The main catch behind it is to understand that the normal braids are made using three sections but this one uses only two sections. The rest of the process is similar to a normal braid in terms of entwining subsections of hair to one another. Check it out!

Here are a few tips that make things easier for you while braiding your hair:

1. Make sure the hair is freshly washed. It brings out the best result.

2. Make sure the hair is not oiled as the hairstyle is supposed to give volume to the crown area of the head but oil might flatten it as it is sticky.

3. Comb the hair well before you start so that tangles don’t come in the way.

4. In case you have curled/frizzy hair you can first straighten the hair out for ease f making the braid.

5. The braid is supposed to be tightly knitted but do not tighten it too much as that can cause headache.

Go ahead and try it out!