Introduction: Fit a New Screen to a Kobo Aura Ebook

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Oops, did you know ebooks don't bounce very well? an expensive accident. Lets see if I can fix it.

I'd advise working on an antistatic mat if possible with good lighting too. It's not a bad idea to have a small pot for putting the screws into as well. A micro screwdriver set is needed along with a butter knife...

Step 1: Separating the Back Panel

If you look carefully there's a fine join line between the front bezel and back panel. We need to open this without damaging anything. I used my thumbnail and a butter knife (seriously). There is a special hard plastic tool called a spludger but I don't have one, maybe one day.

Step 2: The Disassembly Continues..

Carefully disconnect all the cable connectors, they have little fold down plastic clips, lift the clip and pull the cable out. Remove and don't lose any of the screws.

Step 3: Ordering a New Part

The part number is on the back of this flex pcb, a bit of googling and a I ordered a new one from Aliexpress.

Step 4: Separating the Screen From the Bezel

After a couple of weeks the new part arrived from China, this is where I found that the screen and mounting bezel need separating. Out with that trusty butter knife again, wiggle it carefully around the edge and pull them apart. You can see from the 2nd pic the double sided stick tape needs replacing. After a raiding party into my wife's craft room (shh!) it's ready for the new screen.

Step 5: Fitted Screen

I had been a bit worried how flush the new screen would fit, bit it's fine. There's a cable that gets pulled through a hole whilst trying not to touch down the tape. I didn't get any photos of this as it was a delicate operation without stopping in the middle.

Step 6: Refitting the Circuit Board and Connectors

Fit the circuit board back in place and refit the screws, you did keep them safe, didn't you? The circuit connectors are fitted by lifting a little plastic tab, pushing the connector fully home and clipping the tab back down, ensure the connector is parallel. The battery connector is a little more simple, just push into place.

Plug in the usb cable and test the ebook before refitting the back panel, it will be in factory config and needs setting up.

Step 7: Finished

et voila! it works! except it conked out shortly after. I had to reopen and and refit the battery connector properly, that's the simplest thing to fit too!


An interesting project, but was it worth it? $55 plus $25 shipping plus a charge for $ to Euros. The Kobo Aura is 119 euros new. A couple of weeks after this my wife bought a new tablet, 100 euros inc shipping fro HK, with cameras, gps to conclude no, not really worth it
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