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This project shows how to use Fitbit watch to control IO on Raspberry Pi. This project had been developed on Fitbit ionic. But it should work on any Fitbit watch with FItbit OS installed. We can control both digital and analog port by using pigpio and web socket library which running on RPi. This project support 10 IO ports on RPI Port 1-5 are set for Digital port which can only on/off. Port 6 -10 are set for Analog port. Users can send increase or decrease value for Analog port. In this project, we demonstrate analog port by using servo. Please note that analog value will vary depend on analog devices.

Step 1: Project Prepare


1. Raspberry Pi ( We tested on RPi 3)

2. Cable for RPI's socket IO

3. Breadboard with five LEDs and five 330 ohm resistors or

4. Servo

5. Fitibit watch with Fitbit OS installed


1. pigpio for installation go to

2. web socket library go to

3. Fitbit studio's account go to

4. Fitbit OS Simulator download from

For more information on develop Fitibt program go to

Step 2: Download Software

1. Download project from

2. Unzip project files.

3. Program RPI's socket server is at RPI/socket.js.

4. All Fitbit project files are under Fitbit directory.

For information on directories for fitbit development, please see details at

Step 3: Create Account for Fitbit Studio

1. Go to

2. Sign up for new Fitbit studio at

Step 4: Create Fitbit Application Project


2. After login, click new project.

3. Enter New project's name. Select empty project template and click create.

4. Select all files and folders that unzip from step 1.

5. Drag all files into Project files area.

Step 5: Start Developer Bridge on Mobile Fitbit

1. Start Fitbit application (on mobile).

2. Select Account on top left.

3. Under devices, select your watch model.

4. Select Developer Menu.

5. Enable Developer Bridge. Wait message change from connecting to connected

Step 6: Start Developer on Fitbit Watches

1. Goto Setting.

2. Scroll down until found "Developer Bridge".

3. Select action to Connecting to Server.

4. Wait until show message "Connected to Debugger".

Step 7: Connect Fitbit Studio With Mobile and Watch

1. On top menu, press Select a device.

2. Select our watch.

3. On top menu, press Select a phone.

4. Select our phone.

5. Wait for both phone and devices show connected

Step 8: Install Program on Watch

1. On top menu, press Run.

The Fitbit studio will start to compile and download programs on both mobiles and watch.

2. Scroll watch's screen to the left to see whether the program had been installed.

3. Go to Fitbit application

4. Select Account on top left.

5. Under devices, select your watch model.

6. Select Developer Menu.

7. You should see program installed under Sideloaded App

Step 9: Connect IO for RPI

1. Connect IO Socket with breadboard via cable.

2. Connect LED to IO port with 330 Ohm Resistor to limit the current .

3. Connect Servo with IO port that assigned for analog port

Step 10: Install Software for RPI

1. Install web socket library using command

npm install --save ws

2. Install pigpio library

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pigpio

3. Download program socket.js from under directory RPI

4. Put socket.js in home directory.

Step 11: Start Program on RPI

1. Run command

$sudo node  socke.js

2. To start program automatically when starting RPI. Add command line in /etc/rc.local

Step 12: Test and Run Program

1. Start Fitbit Applicaiton on Mobile

2. Select Account on top left.

3. Under devices, select your watch model.

4. Select Developer Menu.

5. Select program installed under Sideloaded App.

6. Select Settings

7. Set IP Address of RPI and Port ( This project use 4000)

8. Adjust step for analog value if needed ( Default = 20)

9. Go back and exit the Fitbit Application

10. Start program on Fitbit watch.

11. Select port you want to control

12. Buttons on the right use for ON/OFF devices

13. Buttons on the left use for increment/decrement analog value

Step 13: Troubleshooting

Error: Cannot control I/O on RPI

- Check network by ping RPI 's address.

- Exit program on both Fitbit watch and RPI.

- Start Fitbit Application and Sync with Fitbit watch.

- Start program on RPI.

- Start program on Fitbit watch.

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