Fitnerds: Pedal Power Generator for a Greener School




Introduction: Fitnerds: Pedal Power Generator for a Greener School

End of term school project to promote consciousness on global warming, climate issues and the use of greener technologies.
The main idea is to generate power by pedalling an old bike to generate power,electricity should not be taken for granted, our main goal is raising awareness of the effort needed to create energy.
 What you need
1.Old bike
2. Dynamo generator
3.wood parts (plank for desk or table support)
4 car generator
6.a pair of hands

Step 1: Putting It Together...

Place the dynamo on the bike wheel and attach the dymano cables to the bicycle frame, (cables should be attached to the frame to prevent them from hanging)
  The dynamo should have a  rubber surface that is placed against the wheel you should make sure that both parts allow the wheel to spin correctly, this part often comes with the dymano as a screw ring.

Step 2: Spin for Light...

Once the dynamo is attached to the wheel of the bike you can use it to create power.
The way this works is simple, the movement creates energy that can be transformed to electricity, when it spins there's friction between the wheel and the rubber screw ring of the dymano, this generates 12 volts or 6 watts which is enough to light a lightbulb ...perfect for your study desk!

Step 3: Extra Add Ons

Screw the table top wood part to the bike handles so it can function as a desk, use it to support your laptop books and pedal away for a fit study session!!

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    Phil B
    Phil B

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You can find the dynamos here, but the prices seem really high. My wife and I were in Germany a few years ago and I bought a similar dynamo for about 1/10th the price shown on my link.